at a glance:

  • - Answers within 24 hours
  • - Solutions within 48 hours
  • - Every customer will be given its own portal with its own identity
  • - Questions can be submitted 24/7
  • - Option of including design instructions (documents, videos)

Instore Solution

Our service has been expanded with a website which has been especially designed for quickly and efficiently finding solutions, where your customer (shop, sales point) can contact us directly. It goes without saying this is done via an 'anonymous' website (your customer will not know who we are) and you will receive copies of any emails with both the questions and answers. This way of working ensureshelping your customers won't take much of your time at all, whilst you do stay fully informed. In addition to the contact form, this website also offers plenty of scope for a variety of tools. This could include information from you toyour customer, instructions, examples, etc. Our good old fashioned service is flourishing in a brand new look!